Report a problem or damages in Properly

Updated 3 years ago by Michael McKay

If you run into an issue while working a job in the Properly app, you can - and should! - report it immediately. Low cleaning supplies or guest supplies should also be reported as problems.

All problems should be reported as soon as you see them, so we can take care of them quickly.
Step 1: On the task where you ran into the problem, click the ! icon. 

Step 2: Submit more info on the problem

Take a photo if you’re reporting damage to the property, a missing item, or any other issues. If you were asked to stock 4 toilet paper rolls and there are only 2 toilet paper rolls in the supply closet, that’s a reportable problem. 

You can add text to your photo to describe the problem in more detail. 

Submit one problem report for each problem. The app allows you to submit multiple problems for each cleaning.

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