Guesty Calendar Management

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Using the Calendar

Navigate and Sort

1. First, select "MULTI CALENDAR" from the bar at the top of guesty

2. You may choose to sort by "Nickname," it is much easier to view the calendar this way

3. Click "Find availability" in order to to find an alternative property to suggest to a guest

4. Select the desired Check In and Check Out dates for the appropriate number of guests and select "save"

5. Your selection may be off screen but if you would like to see that portion of the calendar then scroll to the right in order to find it

6. Click the name/title of the listing on the calendar to open the listing page

7. Once in the listing page Click the "Property" tab at the bar above to reach the property page

8. From here you may scroll down to provide any information that the guest requires such as amenities, links to the helpdocs pages, and the airbnb/ listing. See info on the "property" tab within the listing page to learn more about what information is available there.

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