View past calls and listen to recordings

Updated 3 years ago by Jericka Lynn Seco

Read this article to view the calls you have made and received. You can also listen to recordings of these calls.

Step 1: Click "Logs"

Step 2: Click the type of call you'd like to view

  1. Browser call logs- these are outgoing calls that you made from the Browser call section
  2. Mobile call logs- these are calls you made using the mobile call function. Virtual Hosts will not use this function.
  3. Incoming call logs- these are guests who called us that you answered either from the Browser Call or from your cell phone if the call was forwarded.

Step 3: View the calls and listen to recordings

  1. User- the name of whoever made or received the call
  2. Phone number- the guest's phone number
  3. Voice Url- recording of call
  4. Call duration- how long the call lasted in seconds
  5. Status- what happened with the call. E.g. completed or missed call
  6. Created- time the call occurred

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