Cleaning inspection form questions

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You will see the following type of questions on the cleaning inspection Typeform. Please see the info below on how to answer each question.

Star ratings

Please follow the scale below:

  • 5 stars- the cleaning is perfect and there are no areas for improvement
  • 4 stars- the cleaning is good, but there are small areas for improvement. It is unlikely a guest would complain about this cleaning.
  • 3 stars- the cleaning is satisfactory, but guests may complain about the cleaning.
  • 2 stars- the cleaning is poor. Guests will likely complain about the cleaning.
  • 1 star- it doesn't look like any cleaning was done.

Check lists

These are specific items that you should inspect in each room. If an item on the check list is not complete or done correctly, you should check off the item. You can check off multiple items for each question.

In this example, items A and C were not done correctly.

If the item is done correctly, you should NOT check it off.


To answer these questions, you should type the answer in the box. If you are listing multiple items, please list one per line. Be as specific as possible with your answers, making sure to note the location of each issue.

In this example, there is a broken TV and scuffs on the bedroom wall. These are two issues, so one is listed on each line.


You will be promoted to take photos for some questions. To take the photo, click the button. This will open the camera on your phone.

If a photo is not needed, you may skip this question.

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