Submitting evidence for a dispute in Stripe

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Submitting evidence for a dispute in Stripe

Follow this article to submit evidence for a Stripe dispute. This will help us retain the funds.

Step 1: Compile the following documents

  1. Support letter- if resevation is from
  2. Picture of guest ID and credit card if they completed the ID verification
  3. Saved PDF of any covnersations with the guest
  4. Screenshot of reservation from listing site. E.g.
  5. Recordings of any phone conversations with the guest

Step 2: Go to the "Disputes" section on Stripe and click the disputed charge

Step 3: Click "Submit Evidence"

Step 4: Click "Offline services"

Step 5: Complete the following info

  1. For product description write "Apartment rental through {platform name}". E.g. Apartment rental through
  2. For customer name use the name on the credit card or ID
  3. Input the customers real email if you have it or the forwarding emai from the channel if you don't have the real email
  4. Billing address- use the address provided on the channel. If a full address is not provided on the channel, use the address on their ID.
  5. Date of service- enter the first day of the reservation

Step 5: Upload the following documents

  1. Upload a copy of the guest's ID
  2. Upload a screenshot of the reservation from the platform
  3. Upload any conversations had with the guest that support our case that we are entitled to the funds
  4. Upload the support letter

Step 6: Add any additional info and click "Submit Evidence Now"

If there is any additional info that supports our case, you should provide it here. If you have multiple documents to upload, combine them into one PDF to upload.

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