Creating Helpdocs from Loom videos

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Follow these steps to create Helpdocs from Loom videos.

Step 1: Go to Loom and login

  • Visit the Loom website and click "Sign in"
  • The login is in Keeper

Step 2: Navigate to the "Helpdocs- to do" folder in Loom

This folder contains all the videos that need corresponding Helpdocs created.

Step 3: Choose a video to start working on and move it to the "Helpdocs- in progress" folder

You can do this by dragging and dropping the video.

Step 4: Watch the video

  1. Click the video
  2. Click to play button
  3. Check the video comments for any notes you should keep in mind when writing the article and the name of the person who created the video

Step 5: Create a new Helpdoc article

  • Name the Helpdoc with the same title as the Loom video
  • Make sure to create the Helpdoc in the correct category
  • Follow these instructions to create the body of the Helpdoc
Feel free to rewatch sections of the video while creating the Helpdoc.

Step 6: Embed the Loom video on the bottom of the Helpdoc

Follow this article to embed a video.

Step 7: Add tags to the article

Follow these instructions to add tags to an article.

Step 8: Go back to Loom and move the video to the "Completed Helpdocs" folder

You can do this by dragging and dropping the video.

Step 8: Create an Asana task in the "Helpdocs- need review" project

  • Put the task under the "Needs review" column
  • The task title should be the title of the Helpdoc
  • Include a link to the Helpdoc article editing page in the task description
  • Assign the task to the person who made the Loom Video
  • Make the due date tomorrow

Step 9: Check Asana for feedback

We will give you feedback as comments in the Asana task. If revisions are needed, we will move the task the "Revision needed" column and assign it to you. Once you have made revisions, please assign it the task to the person who created the video, so they can check it again.

If the guide is perfect and needs no changes, we'll mark it complete and move it to the "Complete" column.

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