How to make sure an apartment is reserved during a rebooking

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In this section we will see how to make sure an apartment is reserved during a rebooking. There are some situations where we know a reservation will be cancelled and rebooked, this guide should help in those situations.

Step 1: Go to a reservation in "Guesty" and add a note for the reservation.

You can add details about why we are blocking the dates in Guesty.

Step 2: Click on "Multi Calendar" tab.

Step 3: Click on the reservation from left table.

We will be blocking the dates for below property.

Clicking on the property will show calendar related to the property.

Step 4: Click on the white space in calendar to open settings pop-up.

To block dates, you must click on an open part of the calendar (white space). You may need to scroll left or right (into the past or future) to find an open space in the calendar to click.

Step 5: Enter details in pop-up window.

  1. From - Should be the same check-in date as original booking
  2. To - Should be the same check-out date as original booking
  3. Manual Block - Should be "Yes"
  4. Price - Set to "0"
  5. Note - Add a note
  6. Save - Click on Save to finish setup.

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