249 2nd St Garden Apartment Trash Instructions

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

Where to take trash during your stay:

Organics and non-recyclables:

There is a trash can to the left of the kitchen area and the door to the backyard.

To open this trash can press the bar just below the top of the can (see image below)

If this can is full please take out the trash bag and tie it securely and leave it in the outdoor trash area.

Please only use this trash can for non-recyclables.
For any recyclable trash (plastic, glass, cardboard) please take it to the outdoor trash area.

Outdoor trash area:

This trash area is located just across from the apartment door left of the black iron gate.

  1. Recyclables: Please place any recyclable materials (plastic, glass, cardboard) in the blue bins
  2. Compostable materials should go in the black bin, please make sure they are in a securely tied bag

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