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Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

We highly recommend using a car rental rather than public transportation, however public transportation is possible in the area if you prefer it.

The area is serviced by Valley Metro and the nearest station is a bus-stop at Mayo Bl & Allied Wy. This stop is 16 minutes walk from The Slate. This bus-stop is frequented only by one bus, the 162 bus. A bus comes to this stop every half hour, with the exception of 1am to 5am, during which there is no bus service at this stop.

You can connect from The Slate to PHX using a combination of the 44 bus and the 186 bus. Below is an example of a potential route to take from PHX to The Slate.

Please visit the Valley Metro website for more info (Click Here). Google Maps also offers accurate route suggestions with up-to-date arrival and departure times (Click Here).

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