8 Erie - WiFi Troubleshooting

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This article is intended for VHs to orient themselves when discussing internet issues with guests of 8 Erie St.

Do NOT share the link to this article with guests, only share specific portions of it as needed.

Modems, Routers and WiFi extender locations

The internet for Units 301 and 302 comes from unit 302.

The modem for the internet (this supplies the hard-wired connection) is located in the master bedroom closet of Unit 302.

The router is located on the top floor of Unit 302 in the tv room to the left of the television.

This router supplies wireless internet to 302.

Connected to the Router is a google WiFi node.

It is essentially a WiFi extender/repeater and connects to an identical node (wirelessly) in the downstairs locked closet of unit 301.

The internet of unit 301 is mainly supplied by this connected wifi node.

Neither the modems, routers, or wifi nodes are physically accessible by guests of 301.

The internet isn't working in both units (#301 and #302)

There are a few potential reasons the internet has gone out.

Reason 1 for no internet in both units

The router or WiFi node has been unplugged:

Explain to the guest they need to make sure EVERYTHING to the left of the Television is plugged in.

The google wifi node

If everything is plugged in then the issue is power related.

Reason 2 for no internet in both units

The circuit breaker for the apartment has been "tripped." This mean power is not being supplied to either the upstairs circuit (where the router and wifi node is) or power is not being supplied to the downstairs circuit (where the modem is).

Instruct the 302 guests to go to the circuit breaker panel that is to the right of the apartment entrance.

There they will find a grey box on the wall. Tell them to open it and inspect all the switches carefully.

All the switches should be fully in the "on" position. If there is any switch that isn't fully "on" the guests should turn it off completely and then turn it back on.

Reason 3 for no internet in both units

The Modem is unplugged. Sometimes a guest or cleaner will unplug the power cable of the modem that is in the master bedroom closet of unit 302. Instruct the guest to go to the master bedroom closet (this is the larger bedroom on the first floor) and look at the box on the wall immediately to the right of the closet entrance. Note any power cables that are coming from this box that are unplugged and make sure to plug them back in.

Identifying the different devices

This article references 5 different devices/technologies.

Visit this article for more info on each device/tech:

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