2.10 Handling Calls: Aircall, Missed calls and Skype

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Logging into Aircall and using Skype to supplement Aircall

Follow these steps when you log on for the day:

  1. Make sure you are logged into aircall on Front or desktop
  2. Log into the corresponding Skype account:
    1. ie. if you sign into VH1 for aircall sign into virtual host 1 for skype etc.
    2. Because we have been having so many issues with Aircall we have decided to forward the calls to skype as well
When a call comes in you should see it ring on both aircall and skype. We prefer that you answer through aircall. If you notice that only Skype is ringing then there is an issue occurring with aircall. You should let us know what happened and then log out and back into aircall to correct the issue.

Missed Aircalls

Our ultimate goal is to have 0% missed calls.

We need to understand why we are missing calls.

If you see a missed call message come in follow these steps:

  1. Assign to self
  2. Post a comment to claim the callback for a missed call ie. "calling back".
  3. Return the call:
    1. add notes about return call, and any other notes
    2. if there is no answer leave a voicemail and then send an SMS
  4. leave comment on missed call conversation in front about why the call was missed ie. "I was in the bathroom"

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