Creating regularly scheduled Properly jobs

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When creating regularly scheduled Properly jobs, follow steps below:

Step 1: Log into the Howard Administration Page

Step 2: Locate and click "Regularly Scheduled Maintenance"

Step 3: On the next page, top right side, click "Add Repeat Config" to add a new regularly scheduled job.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary info:

  1. Create a title - this is most important as this is what the service provider will see on Properly. It is important to use a title that can be easily recognized.
  2. Select Property from the drop down
  3. Select Work Type from the drop down - multiple people are assigned in a specific property. The job will be assigned to whoever accepts the job first.
  4. Enter Checklist Link from Properly - Literally copy URL and paste in the field
  5. Place in the Days Between Job - this is how long we need the service provider to revisit the particular job
  6. Enter Send Days in Advance - this is how far in advance should a notification be sent out to the service provider. Ideally, 3 days before
  7. Enter Time we want to have the job to start - this is in 24 hour format
  8. Select date for when the Very First Job should happen
  9. Add Expected Duration - an estimate of how long the job should be
  10. Tick the Vacant Night Required ONLY if the job will require not to have guests in. Example: Paint job - due to smell
  11. Message box - can be used to write a short message to the service provider
  12. Hit Save - this will send the job notification to the service provider

***VIDEO below:

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