3.20 Schedule guest feedback calls with staff members

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Follow these steps when a guest agrees to a guest feedback call by replying to our automated SMS a few days after check out.

Step 0: Add "guest feedback call" tag

When the guest agrees to a guest feedback call, add this tag.

Step 1: Ask the guest what time they are available

Hi {guestname}, what time would you be available between Mon to Fri and between 2pm to 6pm to accept our call?

Send this message and snooze the message until the next day, so you can follow up if they don't respond-

Hi, just following up on our previous message. What time might you be available to take our call?

Once you have confirmed an appointment that is between 2pm and 6pm and Mon to Fri EST move onto Step 2.

Make sure time is in EST and is between 2pm and 6pm

Step 2: Fill out the "guest feedback send" form

Fill out this form (click here) using information from the guest's reservation page in Guesty.

Make sure to follow directions in the form very precisely.

Do not submit the form until completing all the steps in this guide.

Step 3: Select a staff member to make the call

Open google calendar.

Log in using the virtualhost@stayd.com email. The password is in Keeper.

Select a staff member to make the guest feedback call based on availability.

Go to Google calendar and see which staff members are available at the time the guest requested.

You can see staff member's availability by checking/uncheckin the boxes next to their names.

A 30 minute empty block is required to make this call.

Step 4: Choose an available staff member and send them a calendar invite

Step 4.1: Title: Guest Feedback call with {Guest Full name}

Step 4.2: Location: IVR

Step 4.3: Description

Make sure to precisely follow the directions at the bottom of the finished form:

It should look something like this:

Step 4.4: Invite a staff member

Make sure to add the contact of a staff member whose schedule is open for that time period (remember that 30 minutes need to be free)

Step 4.5: Remove any "conferencing" options

Step 4.6: "Save" the calendar invite and "send an invite" to the invited staff member.

The calendar event should look something like this before you send the invite.

For reference, this is how it should look to the invited staff member:

Step 5: Go to the message in Front

Assign it to the team member who you sent the calendar invite to

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