Handyman In-Person Interview Questions

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The italicized items are the answers you should be looking for from an applicant.
  1. What type of repairs are you able to handle?
    1. We want someone who can handle all basic repairs- minor plumbing issues, painting, etc.
  2. Are you able to bring your own tools?
    1. They must have their own tools
  3. Are you comfortable using an application on your phone to manage your work calendar?
    1. We need handymen to be able to us the Properly app.
  4. We have some regular maintenance such as changing AC filters, painting touch ups, and refreshing the apartment so it looks new for future guests. Are you interested in this work?
    1. We want a handyman that is willing to do this.
  5. Are you ok with handling small jobs as they come up, such as unclogging toilets, checking leaks, jams? Some of these jobs are less than one hour of work.
    1. We are looking for a handyman who is willing to handle these small emergency repairs. If they require a 2 hour minimum charge to do this work, that is ok.
  6. How much notice do you need for a job?
    1. We want someone who can do last minute work.
  7. How much are you insured for?
    1. We require $1 MM in general liability insurance.
  8. If you are not insured would you be willing to get insurance?
    1. Handyman must be willing to get insured.
  9. Are you comfortable fixing something in the apartment while a guest is staying?
    1. We want someone comfortable working with guests there.

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