Contacting Airbnb customer support

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Sometimes we may need to contact Airbnb customer support. If there is any dispute with a guest, it's important that we call Airbnb support right away to inform them of the situation, as Airbnb often sides with the party who contacts them first. See the two methods below for reaching out to Airbnb support:


This should be used for simple questions or issues that are not time sensitive. Often Airbnb will respond in just a few minutes, but if they are busy it can take up to 24 hours to get a reply. If there is a potential dispute with a guest (e.g. guest want a refund), do not use chat to contact Airbnb unless they reach out to us first using this method.

  1. Login to the account where the issue is
  2. Go to this link
  3. Click "It's something else"
  4. Send a detailed message with the issue

Phone call

Phone calls should be used for time sensitive issues or any time there is a potential dispute with a guest.

  1. Login to the account where the issue is
  2. Open this link for account details and this link for payout preferences
    1. These links contains all the info they will ask you on the phone to verify that you are the account holder
  3. Call +1-855-424-7262 using Aircall
    1. Make sure to use the phone number for the Airbnb account if you see it on Aircall. E.g. If you are calling about the Abe Airbnb account, select the Abe phone number to make the outbound call. If you don't see the account phone number on Aircall, you can call from the Guest Communication number.

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