Give feedback on cleanings in Properly

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Step 1: Open the email from Properly and check if all photo and tasks have been submitted

You will see the following:

  1. Number of photos completed / the total number of photos required. These numbers should be equal.
  2. The number of tasks left. This number should always be 0.
If all the photos aren't submitted or tasks left does not equal 0, please alert the manager for the city of the cleaning by added the "Escalate- {City, State}" tag in Front and writing the problem in the comment of the conversation

Step 2: Go to the calendar and search the property name

Step 3: Click the cleaning for the property that you want to give feedback on

Step 4: Click View photos

Step 5: Open up a new tab for Properly and search the property address on the properties page

Step 6: Open the "Turnover" check list for the property

We will use the photos from the "Turnover" check list to compare the verification photos submitted by the cleaner

Step 7: Go to the first verification photo

Step 8: Find the corresponding photo in the turnover check list

Step 8: Compare the photos and make sure all the tasks listed in the turnover check list were done in the photo

Step 9: Give the cleaner feedback on the verification photo

If everything is correct:

  1. Click the thumbs up button
  2. Occasionally, you can leave a comment on the photo saying "Great work!" or something similar. You don't need to do this for every correct photo.

If anything is incorrect:

  1. Click the thumbs down
  2. Write a comment about what is incorrect and give the cleaner a tip on how to fix it for next time. E.g. "Please make sure to empty the fridge of all food"

Step 10: Repeat steps 7-9 for each photo until you have given feedback on all verification photos

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