Runner Interview Questions

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Questions to ask the candidate directly.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work experience.

( /5) Have you ever spent time delivering goods for work or family?

yes is a good answer, if not then a demonstrated attitude to do so is a plus

( /5) Have you ever had to manually log your hours for work before, are you willing to?

yes, hopefully. Sometimes we will have to request an hour list to check against our records

( /15) Do you have a car with your own car insurance?

requirement in Arizona

( /15) How long does it take you to commute to The Hyve or The Slate?

Should be maximum 20 minutes for at least one

( /10) How long have you lived in the area and how long do you plan to be here?

It's better if they've been here for a while, it's a necessity for them to be in the area for the next 3 months at least

( /10) Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer or coworker.

We want to gauge how experienced they are calming someone down and making someone feel taken care of.

( /10) Are you comfortable walking into an apartment with people in it if you know they are upset?

Sometimes we are delivering goods to angry or disappointed people and we have to work next to them for a period of time.

( /10) Are you willing to occasionally purchase items from the store for us if we reimburse you?

This is a requirement.

( /15) Do you have paypal? If not are you willing to set up an account? This is how we would be paying you.

This is a requirement.

( /10) This is an on demand job, sometimes the work is early in the morning or late in the evening. If you are free during those hours would you take our requests?

We want them to be comfortable with leaving home at a moment's notice. They don't have to be available all the time, but if they are free they should definitely demonstrate interest in filling that time with our work.

( /10) What kind of phone do you have?

The phone should be in good condition, it's preferable for it to be newer (last 3 years).

( /10) Are you responsive to SMSs and app notifications?

Some people don't like to let their phones distract them, this is fine but we need someone who can communicate with us quickly.

( /10) Our jobs are sent through an app. You would get notifications of available jobs via SMS and in-app notifications. Are you comfortable with using the app?

This is a requirement.

( /5) There are times that a job requires speaking to building management or meeting with our company partners. If you have advance notice are you willing to wear semi-formal clothing during those instances and convey a professional attitude?

This isn't strictly necessary but it's a big plus.

(/10) Do you have a tax ID or social security number?

This is a requirement

Questions to evaluate privately:

( /10) Did they arrive on time?

We need people who show up on time. In Arizona we can allow 10-15 minutes lateness, but no more. If they are showing up late and you don't get a warning then it's a terrible sign.

( /10) Do they have a flexible, professional and positive attitude?

We need someone who is willing to adapt to our requests and be excited to help.

( /15) Do they seem reliable?

Use your personal judgement, reliability is the most important part of a candidate

( /15 ) Do they let their personal lives interfere with their work?

We don't care what someone does in their free time so long as it doesn't enter the workplace. We can't take our time managing their personal issues or endeavors.

( /5) Are they organized?

We need someone who won't forget key items and will show up where they need to. That means being able to keep track of information given to them.

( /5) Do they have useful skills or traits outside of the just delivering items?

This job is always evolving, it's better to get candidates who can evolve with it.

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