When to login to Airbnb

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

There are some functions of Airbnb that can't be accomplished using Guesty. In these cases, you will need to login to Airbnb from your web browser. Please find a list of these situations below.

  1. To approve and decline a guest's alteration request. A guest submits an alteration request when they want to change the dates of their stay or the guest count.
  2. Send an alteration request to a guest to change dates of their reservation or the guest count. We have the option to send this to the guest and they can approve or deny the change.
  3. To request money from a guest for damages or additional services. This includes making a claim on the guests security deposit.
  4. Contact Airbnb customer support
  5. Guest messages are not going through on Guesty after multiple tries, so you need to send them on Airbnb directly

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