3.09 Using the Airbnb Notifications Channel in Front

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What is this?

A channel in Front that receives emails when Airbnb guests inquire, book, or send messages to us.

Why is this here?

It’s labor intensive and takes up unnecessary real estate on your computer screen to constantly refresh the guesty inbox. To make all our lives a bit easier Mike McKay made this Airbnb notifications channel in Front. 

How does it work?

When a new inquiry, booking or message comes into Airbnb an email will be forwarded into the Airbnb notifications channel. When the email comes in you should receive a notification.
Make sure notifications are enabled for this channel.

What should you do when you get a notification?

Step 1: Assign the email to yourself in Front.
Step 2: Announce that you will handle that guest by announcing in the relevant front channel. 
If you are sharing your shift with someone please try to share the workload with your coworker evenly. You may do this by handling every other item or by arranging another system with your coworker that both of you agree to. If you have trouble doing this reach out to Tom to discuss the situation and find a solution.

You can claim the inbox item by saying  “I got (guest name)”
If you get a notification make sure to check if someone else is handling the message. It doesn't look good to guests if we send parallel messages for the same notification

Open the Guesty inbox and respond appropriately

After claiming the inbox item immediately open the guesty inbox and assign the conversation to yourself. After assigning it to self address the corresponding inbox item appropriately (risk score, escalate, respond, snooze, archive etc.) 
As usual be sure to document important info such as guest issues, maintenance, refund requests etc in the reservation notes.
Refer to these articles on Guesty Inbox Management, Calendar Management, and Accessing Property Info for info on handling a reservation in Guesty. Please pardon the appearance of the article, it is being updated now.

Archive the Airbnb notification in Front

Once you have handled the Guesty Inbox item, go back into Front and archive the notification. 
We should always be striving to have the Airbnb Notification Inbox empty. If you see that there are some Airbnb notifications piling up be proactive and investigate the cause. 
If notifications are piling up because they aren't handled yet: handle them. 
If notifications are piling up because they haven't been archived after appropriate action was taken:  reach out to whoever claimed them so that they can archive them.

Sidenote: handling Booking,com messages

When a new message comes into booking.com you will still receive notifications from the Virtual Hosts channel. Be sure to use Front to reply to these, do not use Guesty to respond to booking.com messages. 
Refer to this article on Responding to Booking.com Messages

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