Charging a guest for extras or damages on Airbnb

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Follow this guide to charge a guest for extras on Airbnb, such as early check-in or damages.

This should not be used for changing reservation dates or the number of people staying. To alter dates or number of people staying see this article.

Step 1: Navigate to the guest's message thread and click "Send or request money"

Step 2: Click "Request money"

Step 3: Click an option

  • Extra services- select this for early check-in, late checkout, etc.
  • Other trip related issues- select this for damages

Step 4: Enter the amount you would like to charge the guest

Step 5: Add photos if there was damage you are charging the guest for

If there is no damage, click skip. You may also upload receipts here if you are charging them for an item.

If you are requesting money for damages photos must be submitted. 

Step 6: Add a note

This should be a message to the guest, which will give a summary of the reason for the charge.

Step 7: Make sure all the info is correct and click "Request"

Video of charging an Early Check-in Fee on Airbnb

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