Tracking candidates in Asana

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After scheduling the phone screening , candidates need to be added to a project in Asana. We will create a new project for every single position that is open so that we can easily track the candidates. In our example below, we are going to use "Remote hiring template".

Step 1: Click on "+" sign under column "Skype screen scheduled" to add a task.

Headings of the columns may change depending on whether it is a remote or in person position.

Step 2: Enter name of the task.

Task name should be candidate's name. E.g. "Jane Smith".

Step 3: Enter all the info in task.

  1. Phone/Skype - Enter candidate's Skype username. E.g. "jane22" or phone number
  2. Email address - Enter the candidate's email address. E.g. ""
  3. Resume/profile/conversation link - Enter link to a resume or link to an online job profile for the candidate. E.g. ""
  4. Comments - Enter additional details. E.g. Notes from your followup email or details about some specific questions
  5. Assign - Assign the task to yourself.

Step 4: Move the task to next column.

If the candidate was not a fit, click on "No hire" from the status and mark the task as complete by clicking on "Mark Complete".

If the candidate passes the Skype interview, we need to move the task to the next column. Follow these steps to move the task to next column.

  • Click on task.
  • Click on "Skype screen scheduled".
  • Click on a status to move the task to respective column. E.g. We are moving the task to "Passed Skype screen".
  • Add any additional detail from the interview in comments, E.g. What you liked/disliked about the candidate?

Step 5: Sort the candidates in in best to worst order.

Best candidate should always be at the top followed by number 2 and so on. In order to move the candidates up/down, drag and drop the tasks. E.g. Jane Smith is our number 1 candidate and Trisa Mariano is number 2 candidate, then we can drag the task name with "Jane Smith" and place it above "Trisa Mariano".

Step 6: Assign task to other interviewer.

If a candidate passes the Skype interview, we need to assign the task to the person who will be conducting next round of interview.

  • Open the task.
  • Assign the task to next person who will be conducting interview. Additional information in comments section can be used to share details about candidates.

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