Building info needed for each property

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For each building, we should create a Helpdoc that contains all of the following policies:

Move-in policies

  1. What needs to be arranged to move in?
  2. Do you need any paperwork from us?
    1. Lease said the building had to be named as AI on insurance, but they accepted Property Manager name as AI
  3. Do you need any paperwork from the moving company (certificate of insurance, etc)?
  4. Are there certain days or times when we can move in? Does a day/time need to be reserved?
    1. Lease said 10am-10pm Mon-Fri, but management said 10am-6pm Mon-Fri (office hours)
  5. Do we need to use a specific elevator? Does an elevator need to be reserved?
    1. Security deposit paperwork said no furniture in elevators, but management said any elevator
  6. Are there any restrictions on furniture truck size?
    1. Security deposit paperwork said no 18-wheelers
  7. Where can the furniture truck park?

Parking policies for guests

  1. What is the policy for guest parking (free, paid, cost if paid, number of spots, etc.)?
  2. Is there a certain area where guests should park?
  3. Is there a certain area where visitors can park?
  4. Is anything needed to access the parking area, such as a code or remote?

Trash and recycling

  1. Where should moving trash, such as broken down boxes, be taken?
  2. Where should trash be taken on regular days?
  3. Where should recycling be taken?

Building amenities

  1. What time are the amenities open? List the open time of all amenities.
  2. What is needed to access the amenities (key fob, keypad, etc)?
  3. Are there any restrictions on the amenities (no glass, no children, number of guests, etc)?
  4. Is there a building laundry area? If so, what is the cost of machines and how are they paid for? E.g. coins or card.

Apartment amenities

  1. What type of window treatments come with the apartment?
  2. What is the policy if we want to replace the window treatments? E.g. If we want to put blackout curtains on bedroom windows.
  3. Does the apartment have a washer/dryer? If yes, what is the model?

Local public transportation

  1. What is the local public transportation? List options and cost.
  2. How do Ubers/taxis enter and pick up at the property?

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