Common Property Specific Questions

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Where is the remote?

The remote is usually on the coffee table. If you cannot find one it may be inside the sofa cushions or under the sofa.

I still can't find the remote...

We are sorry for the inconvenience! We'll see if a replacement can be found. It's rare but sometimes guests/cleaners accidentally dispose of remotes.

Where to find the Beddings for the Sofa Bed.

Note: Please have the guests check in the order stated below:

  • If they are not already on the sofa "check inside the closets of the bedrooms."
  • "Check inside the locked closet, the code is 7669. Please take only what you need and re-lock the closet afterward."
  • "Check if the sofa bed has a compartment underneath that slides out or is under the cushions.
  • "If there is no extra bedding for the sofas anywhere else please let us know and we will have a cleaner or handyman drop off extras.

Is the water from the tap safe for drinking?

Yes, The tap water is safe for drinking.

I'm connected to the internet but it is slow.

The best way to ensure the internet is working at the correct speed is it disconnect, restart the computer and reconnect.

Can I use the 2.4gHz connection?

Most routers in the US provide two bandwidths 5gHz and 2.4gHz. They come from the same router if they have the same name in front of these identifiers. ie: Stayd 5gHz and Stayd 2.4gHz, or HiHoward 5gHz and HiHoward 2.4hHz. The 2.4 gHz connection can be used, though it is usually a little slower.

 I noticed this morning that I smell a very slight smell of natural gas over by the sink.

This happens sometimes when guests aren't 100% familiar with the stove operation. To make the scent go away please put the burner knob in all the way and turn it counterclockwise all the way and release it. If you smell gas it's because the stove burner is still on. If it's already turned most of the way it's not dangerous but the smell can be unpleasant.

Do we have converters to 220V in the house?

- We do not provide these in any of our apartments.


- Zeppelin Hall Parking Lot Offers Open-Air Parking for Cuztomize/Oversized Vehicles

- We do not provide Vacuum Cleaner for guest use. Our cleaners will take care of that for our guest.

- We do not allow tours of any apartment before a reservation.

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