Create and assign a task to a team member

Updated 3 years ago by Jericka Lynn Seco

Follow this guide to create a task and assign it to a team member. This should be used when you need the team member to complete the full task themselves.

Step 1: Click the relevant project in Asana

Projects are categories that tasks are divided into. Making sure the task is in the correct project keeps the team organized.

In this example, we'll open the operations project.

Step 2: Click this button to add a task to the "To Do" column

Step 3: Type the name of the task

Step 4: Add the following info to the task

  1. Click this to assign a task to the relevant team member
  2. Due date for the task (if applicable)
  3. Create sub-tasks (if applicable)
  4. Attach files related to the task (if applicable)
  5. Details on the task should be written here

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