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Card is Invalid on Guesty

How to identify this situation

Sometimes the card info received on Guesty (usually from is invalid.

In these cases you will see a message that looks something like this at the bottom of the "financials" tab on Guesty.

 02/15/2019: Credit card ending with 5020 is invalid

See photo below for reference:

Why does this situation occur?

This is almost always because the guest has incorrectly entered their info into, it may be that they missed a number in their credit card info or never entered their CVC code.

What should I do to resolve this situation?

Step 1:

If this is a reservation, log into using the login from keeper and mark the credit card invalid.

  1. When you find the reservation on on the right hand side select the button that says "Mark Credit Card as Invalid" in the "Credit Card Details" section.
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of the guests CC displayed in the original "invalid" warning on Guesty
  3. Select "Invalid Credit Card" number in the dropdown under "Why is this card invalid?"
  4. Click confirm
Step 2:

Reach out to the guest via SMS and email.

Our payment system has notified us that your payment info is invalid. This is likely because the card info was entered incorrectly by you or by your booking platform when they provided us with the credit card information. In order for us to complete your reservation we will have to manually re-enter your credit card information into our system over the phone. This is the most secure method available.
Step 3:

Call the guest and get them to agree to share their CC info. Some guests may be uncomfortable about sharing their info over the phone.

If they feel unsafe you can tell them this:

We require a valid credit card in order to process payment for this reservation, reading it over the phone is the most secure option because there is no record of your information outside of our encrypted system. If you would like to speak to a supervisor about this I can have someone contact you with more information.
Step 4:
  1. When we take their CC info we should enter it directly into the scheduled payment (or authorization hold) whose date is closest to today by clicking "edit payment" in the dropdown on the right hand side of the date.
  2. Select Credit Card for "Payment Method"
  3. If the card has come up as invalid, most likely the first payment hasn't been completed yet, so we we should mark the first payment to be due "Now"
  4. Enter the guest's first name
  5. Enter the guest's last name
  6. Enter the full Credit card number
  7. Enter the Expiration date
  8. Enter the CVC code
  9. Make sure the "Store card details for future payments" box is checked
  10. Make sure the "Send receipt to:..." box is checked
    1. If the guest has specifically requested a receipt to be sent to a different email address edit this field to reflect their request.
  11. Click "Save"

Step 5:
This step is really important! Don't skip it! A successful payment message is sometime sent in error!

In most cases you will receive a pop-up that says "Successful Payment!" even if the payment isn't successful.

Ask the guest to stay on the line with you and then refresh the page and double check that the payment or authorization hold was successful.

If the payment was successful you're all set! Thank the guest and move on to the next task.

While you're at this step you may want to double check that we have a valid ID submission from them and that there is a risk score.
Payment failed or CC still invalid

If the new CC info is still invalid explain to the guest that the CC info is still incorrect and repeat the process, if this happens you should alert an admin.

If the new payment fails use this stock response:

I just tried to charge your card and it was declined. Sometimes this can happen because your bank thinks the transaction is fraud.
Can you please call your bank to let them know the charge is legitimate, or can you please provide us a different card?
If you speak to your bank, please let me know when I should try to charge the card again.

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