Adding maintenance and cleaning tickets

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Follow this article to add maintenance tickets, so that our maintenance team can address any issues.

Step 1: Click the + button where you would add a tag and click "Add to Asana"

Step 2: Add the info below

  1. Use this format
    1. {Short summary of problem}: {street number} {street name} {unit number}
    2. E.g. Light loose in bathroom: 243 Montgomery St #2
  2. Enter a detailed description of the problem. Make sure to include any info you have, including the location of the problem and any steps taken to fix the problem.
  3. Select the respective city Maintenance & Cleaning project
    1. E.g. for a Jersey City problem, select "Jersey City, NJ- Maintenance & Cleaning"
  4. Check the box to include the latest message as a comment
  5. Due date
    1. Enter today's date for repairs that need be handled in under 24 hours
    2. Enter tomorrow's date if the problem can be fixed in over 24 hours
  6. Add the correct tag
    1. Urgent repair- if repair needs to be handled in under 24 hours
      1. E.g. No heat, not hot water, toilet not working, etc.
    2. Repair- if the repair can be handled after 24 hours
      1. E.g. Toilet is working, but water is running
    3. Maintenance- if the item can wait to be addressed until our next maintenance check. This can be up to 6 weeks out.
      1. E.g. Scuff on the wall
    4. Clean again
      1. The guest was unhappy with the cleaning and we have offerred to clean the unit again
  7. Assign
    1. Select the maintenance coordinator for the city
  8. Click "Create task"

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