Using check lists to perform a job and take photos

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Follow this guide to complete a job step by step in Properly.

All steps of the check list and verification photos must be completed before payment will be issued for the job.

When you click “Start Job,” the app will show you the checklist for this property. 

If you see a slide with text items on it, you can tap each item in the list to check it off. 

If you see a slide with a photo, tap the task pins to check off each item. When you do, you may see additional instructions on the task. Click the check box to confirm you have performed the task. 

Verification photos

After you tap the last task on each slide, you may see a camera icon appear. This means a verification photo is required for this task. Snap a photo of the room or item from the same vantage point as the original photo. 

All items in photo you take should look exactly as they appear in the original photo. This may require you to re-arrange items that a guest has moved.

Use the Overview tab to see all your remaining tasks for this job

Run into a problem while performing your job? Use the alert icon to report a problem and send your photos or messages about damage, missing items, or any other issue that prevents you from completing the job as requested.

Need to contact us directly? Use the text balloon icon.

All problems should be reported as soon as you see them, so we can take care of them quickly.

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