Find out who accepted this cleaning, and set their ID email

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow these instructions for how to handle this email. We must do this once for each new cleaner when they accept their first job due to a limitation in Properly's API.

It should bring you to the calendar page in Properly.

Step 2: Search the property address in the email on Properly

Step 3: Click on the accepted cleaning for the date in the email

In this example, the email said the cleaning was on 11/23/18.

Step 4: Look for the service provider that accepted the job

You can find this at the bottom left of the window that opened when you clicked the job. In this example, the service provider is LaShet.

It should bring you to this page.

Step 6: Find the cleaner who accepted the job in Keys to the Kingdom and click on their name

Step 7: Copy the cleaner ID from the email

Step 8: Paste the cleaner ID into this section on Keys to the Kingdom

Step 9: Click save

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