Add listings as deals in Hubspot

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Step 1: Click My Account

Step 2: Click Saved Searches under Renter Tools

Step 3: Click the saved search to view listings

Step 4: Click Last Updated under Sort

Step 5: Click on the listing to get more details on the property

Step 6: Go to Hubspot and click Sales then Deals

Make sure to search for the building name or address in the Search for a Deal box before proceeding to the next step. If you have already added this property, do not add it again even if there is a new listing.

Step 7: Click Create Deal

Step 8: Add the following info to the deal

  1. Building name. If the building does not have a name, you can use the address.
  2. Lisiting link
  3. Property address
  4. Property city or metro area
  5. Phone number of leasing office

Step 9: Add the Total units in property to Hubspot

You can find this number under Property Information on the listing. If it is not listed on, check the building website. If it is not listed on in both places, leave it blank.

Step 10: Enter the saved search name as the Location notes in Hubspot

Step 11: Add the following info

  1. STR's
  2. New Lead

Step 14: Click the All tab on the listing and count the number of listings that say "Available Now"

In this example there are 12 listings the are available now.

Step 15: Enter the number of listings that are available now on Hubspot

Enter this number in the # of Units available (STR's) or # of total rooms (Hotels) field.

Step 16: Enter "" as the lead source

Step 17: Change the Deal Owner to "No owner" and click Create

Step 18: Look through the listing photos to see if there is wall to wall carpet in the apartments

  • If any apartments in the building have no wall to wall carpet in the entire apartment, you can skip the next steps
  • If all the units in a building have wall to wall carpet in at least one room, proceed to step 18
Carpet in the common areas of the building does not count as wall to wall carpet. Please only look at the photos of the inside of the apartment to determine if there is wall to wall carpet.

Step 19: If all the units have wall to wall carpeting in at least one room, move the deal to passed by clicking the last circle on the deal

Step 20: For the closed lost reason enter "Wall to wall carpet" and click Save

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