Virtual Host layout and work flow

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Follow this guide to set up your Front layout correctly and use the proper work flow, which will help you prioritize your responses.


The following tags should be visible on the left side of your screen.

  1. 1 hr SLA breach
  2. 1 hr warning
  3. 10 min warning
  4. 3 hour SLA breach

The following inboxes should be visible under "Team inboxes"

  1. Guest communication
  2. VH Help thread


Address messages in the following order:

  1. Messages that are in the "1 hr SLA breach" or "3 hr SLA breach" tags
  2. Messages that are in the "10 min warning" and "1 hr warning" tags
  3. Messages in the Guest communications inbox
  4. Address any off Front communication (E.g. messages in Guesty) in the VH Help Thread for the respective city.
All messages should be answered within 5 minutes so that no warning or SLA breach tags are added. Find more info on the warning and SLA breach tags here.

Escalation and important tags

If you need local assistance, you can escalate a conversation to a team member in that city. For other important tags, please view this article.

Video overview

This video goes over how to set up you inbox and the workflow.

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