Set up reminders and pre-fill job requests

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

These reminders pop out on your to-do list and make it easy to schedule jobs by standard settings for each time the job is assigned. Settings include the checklist, service provider, time, and amount for a job.

Step 1: Go to the Reminders tab on your Property’s profile

Step 2: Choose the following settings

  1. When: Every check out
  2. Action: (Pre-fill check list) Turnover

Step 3: Click pre-fill the job request that so scheduling becomes a 1-click effort

Step 4: Use the following settings

  1. Check the box "Set as default checklist for this property"
  2. Time
    1. Start time: 11:15 am
    2. Duration: 3 hours
  3. Service provider- select the cleaners you want to receive cleanings for this property
    1. You should select multiple cleaners in the area. The job will be blasted out to all the cleaners and the first one to accept wiill get the job.
    2. Only select cleaners that have completed our training program.
  4. Offered price- leave this blank, since we pay hourly and cleaners may have a different hourly rate
  5. Job title- Turnover
  6. Message- leave this blank

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