Opening Ports and Whitelisting

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Network requirements and Settings for Aircall:

Please go to this site for more insight into how to improve your Aircall experience.

Dealing with Latency issues:

To some degree latency is inherent in whatever internet service you have.

However we can mitigate these issues by improving your connection with your router.

Please connect to your router directly with an ethernet cable; this will solve some of our latency issues.

Opening ports:

Aircall service comes primarily through a specific range of ports on your router.

If these ports are not open in your router it will result in some call-dropping issues.

If we ensure these ports are open then the connection will come through much more reliably.

Log into your router as an admin and use the advanced setting to open the following ports:


443, 5349, 10194


3478 + from 10000 to 20000

Whitelist following URL's and IP's:

On your computer make some edits to your firewall to allow these IPs and URLs to pass through.

  • **

Advanced- Setting up a QoS:

See this website for more detailed info

Why QoS is important?

When there is instability in your network some initial information can get lost in transit which results in gaps in the conversation, call drops and/or degradation in the quality of a call.

In order to avoid that, specific settings can be applied to your router in order to prioritize voice traffic over lower priority traffic on your network. These settings are most known as QoS (Quality of Service). Keep in mind that even if you have a good bandwidth, the stability of your internet network is very important too!

Setup QoS in your router using these IP addresses:

Set up QoS rules from your router's interface using the media server IP addresses below. Make sure that you have set all the applicable addresses applied that correspond to your location.

Asia to to, to,

Europe to , to to, to, to,,,

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