8 Erie - Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heater

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

Serious maintenance on all the water heaters occurred in the beginning of march.
301 has a brand new tankless water heater, 302 has a water heater that is about 5 years old

There is no hot water!

Ask the guest to send a photo of the dial depicted in the section below, we will be able to better diagnose the issue with this photo.

First possible reason: (for maintenance tech only) water refill tank pressure is too low

If the water pressure is too low the dial gauge on the tankless heater will be pointed to the low end in the red range.

There is an autofill valve that may be sticking.

It's about the size of a baseball it's brass and has a flag sticking out.

Raise the flag in short bursts to refill the tank until the pressure dial is in the upper-end of the white range.

This process occurs very quickly so be careful when refilling and make sure that the dial does not strange into the upper pressure range where the dial is red.

Once the optimal pressure has been reached hold down the reset switch until the heater kicks on.

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