Missed calls if a staff member isn't online

Updated 3 years ago by Jericka Lynn Seco

Follow this article if no staff member is online and you have not completed phone training yet or if you have already called the number back and there was no answer.

If a staff member is online and you have not completed phone training, escalate the email.

Step 1: Open the missed call email

You will see this email comes from "Simulring App".

Step 2: Copy the "Call from" number

Step 3: Compose a new message

  1. Follow this article to compose the message
  2. Paste the phone number into the "To" field
  3. Select "STAYD Messages SMS" for the "From" field

Step 4: Insert the "Missed call SMS" canned response

Follow this article to see how to send a canned response.

Step 5: Click send

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