Handling missed calls or voicemails

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

Step 1: View the missed call conversation in Front

If there is a voicemail, click the link to listen to the voicemail.

Step 2: Assign the conversation to yourself

Follow this article for how to assign a conversation.

This will signal the other people on shift that you are going to handle calling the person back.

Step 3: Add a tag to the Front conversation explaining why the call was missed

Pick from one of the following tags:

  1. On break- You were on break when the call came in
  2. Phone didn't ring- Your Aircall app didn't ring
  3. Call didn't connect when answered- You answered the Aircall, but the couldn't hear the caller on the other end

Step 4: Call the number back using Aircall and archive the missed call or voicemail Front conversation

You should leave a voicemail if the person does not answer and send the "Missed call SMS" saved reply in Front if appropriate.

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