315 2nd St - Trash Instructions

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Where to take trash during your stay

If your kitchen trash can bin is full please securely tie the bag and take it to the trash area.

Extra trash bags are located below the kitchen sink.

The trash area behind the building.

Behind the building is a shed and 4 trash cans.

This area is accessible from the side door down the hall from the front entrance of the building.

  1. Please drop your securely tied trash into one of the bins by the shed
  2. If these are full please leave your trash bag inside the shed via one of the doors
  3. Please make sure the shed doors are closed when you finish
Make sure to lock the side door after re-entering the building

How to use your trash can

There is a trash can to the left of the kitchen area.

To open this trash can step on the lever at the bottom of the can.

If this can is full please take out the trash bag and tie it securely and leave it in the outdoor trash area.

To remove a full trash bag lift up the top of the can from below the edge of the top.
To close again after replacing the bag push down hard, it will make a loud popping noise.

When is trash collected by the city?

Our handyman, Epifianio, performs these actions each week.

Recycling is taken to the curb by 7pm each Thursday evening.

Trash (commingled garbage) is taken to the curb by 7pm each Monday and Thursday evening.

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