Adding notes to a call

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Successful call

Step 1: Assign the successful call email to yourself if it isn't assigned to you already

Step 2: Add notes in the comments section

Follow this format:

{link to Guesty reservation}

Notes on the call

Add any relevant tags to the conversation. E.g. the cleaning complaint tag

Step 3: Take appropriate action based on the call

  • If the guest's concern has been taken care of you should archive the message.
  • You may also snooze the message if you need to follow up with the guest at a later time. E.g. If maintenance is supposed to come in 3 hours, you should snooze the message for 4 hours and follow up with the guest at that time to make sure maintenance fixed the issue.
  • You may take any other action to address the guest's concerns

Missed call or voicemail

Step 1: Call the guest back

Step 2: On the successful call email click the "i" button and the click "Copy permalink"

Step 3: Add a comment to the original missed call email and archive the message

The comment should say: "Returned call-" and you should paste the permalink

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