SMS templates and automations

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Follow this article to add automated SMS's to guest.

Step 1: Go to the guest messages section of Keys to the Kingdom

Click SMS templates

Step 2: Check or uncheck the box to create a pre-scheduled or triggered SMS

See the instructions below for pre-scheduled vs triggered SMS's

  • Check the box to create a pre-scheduled SMS
  • Uncheck the box to send an SMS based on a triggering event

Pre-scheduled events

These are time based messages. E.g. Send an SMS 3 hours before check-in.

Step 1: Check the "Pre-scheduled" box
Step 2: Enter the following info
  1. Number of days or hours
    1. 1 day = 24 hours
  2. Select days or hours
  3. Select before or after
  4. Pick the event which steps 1, 2, and 3 are based on
  5. Pick the time you want the automation to go out
    1. You only need to use this if you select days for #2
  6. Hours late that the automation can be sent
    1. If something stops the message from going out at the scheduled time, we will allow the message to go out this many hours late if the item that is blocking the message is no longer blocking it
    2. E.g. If the check-in instructions are supposed to go out 2 days before check-in, but you want them to be able to be sent as late as check in you should make this number 48 hours. This way, if someone books 1 hour before check-in they will still receive the check-in instructions.
  7. Select items from this dropdown menu that must be true for the automation to send
    1. In this example, the message would only send if the ID verification hasn't been completed yet
  8. Use this to link the automation to a Guesty custom field, so we can turn it off in Guesty by flicking a switch
  9. Type the message here
    1. You may use the Stayd templates variables listed at the top of the page
Step 3: Click save

Triggered events

Step 1: Uncheck the "Pre-scheduled" box
Step 2: Select a triggering event from the dropdown menu

In this example the message will be sent when the first payment, deposit, and ID verification have all been received

Step 3: Type the message

You may use the Stayd templates variables listed at the top of the page

Step 4: Click Save

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