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After you send a job request, you can keep track of whether it has been accepted, declined, started, or cancelled from your calendar. 

Once a job has been completed, you can view a complete summary of the job by clicking on it from your calendar. The summary includes: start/finish times, the photos you requested, any damage or problem reports, and notes from your provider.

How to view a finished job summary 

From Properties

  1. Select the Property.
  2. Click on the job under Job Requests (these are all future, present, and past jobs for this property).

From Calendar

  1. Click on the job.

Job Summary

You can see what a job summary looks like and where to find critical information from the summary in the image below. 

  1. Start Time / End Time
  2. Problems reported on the job
  3. Verification photos you requested from your service provider

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