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Follow this article in any of the following instances:

  1. You give the guest a partial refund
  2. The guest wants to change the dates of their stay
  3. You need to adjust the price of the reservation

If the guest is already staying in the apartment and wants to book more nights or add additional services, you should take a direct booking, unless the guest insists on going through

Step 1: Open the reservation on and click "Change reservation dates & prices"

If the "Change reservation dates & prices" button is not able to be clicked add the details to the reconciliation Google Sheet.

Step 2: To change the dates, adjust them here

If the dates haven't changed, you can skip this step. We will adjust prices on the next screen.

Step 3: Click "Check availability & change prices"

Step 4: Enter the new total nightly rate and click save

This price is only the total nightly rate and does not include any cleaning, taxes, or service fees. will add those automatically after you click save.

You should enter the total of the nightly cost for all nights the guest is staying. E.g. If they want to stat 4 nights at $100/night, you should put $400 here.

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