Cleaner Phone-Screening Questions

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Go over the following items on the screening call. See the italics for the answer we are looking for.

  1. I wanted to reach out and learn more about you and give you some info on the role.
    1. Can you tell me about your experience and why the job interested you?
    2. You can also look at their application and ask specific questions about their experience. E.g. I saw that you previously worked in housepkeeping at a hotel. Can you tell me about your role there?
  2. Explain the role
    1. We have an app that will let you know about upcoming cleanings. The cleanings are sent out to several cleaners and are given to the first person who accepts the cleaning on the app.
    2. Cleanings begin at 11 am and we do clean on the weekends
    3. Part of the job is a complete turnover of the apartment. Like a hotel, the apartment should fee brand new for the next guest.
  3. What are you doing for work now?
    1. Answer we are looking for: make sure their current job does not interfere with our cleanings from 11 am to 3 pm
  4. What are you looking for in your next role?
    1. Answer we are looking for: Make sure that they are not looking for something temporary. We have to invest time to train the cleaners, so we do not want to hire people who will leave in a few months.
  5. How long have you lived in DC?
    1. Answer we are looking for: Look for someone who will be in the DC area for the foreseeable future
  6. Do you have experience cleaning?
    1. Experience with commercial or Airbnb cleaning?
    2. Answer we are looking for: Some cleanings experience is good, but not required.
  7. If you had to pick a favorite cleaning task, what would it be?
    1. Answer we are looking for: They can pick any item and explain why. It shows that they are interested in the job.
  8. What would you do if you walked into an apartment and it smelled like someone had smoked in there?
    1. Answer we are looking for: The candidate must say that they will notify us as part of their answer.
  9. What type of phone do you have? Does it have a camera?
    1. Answer we are looking for: Any Android or iPhone with a camera works, so the cleaner can download our app and take verification photos.
  10. What is your preferred communication method?
    1. Answer we are looking for: It's best if they are flexible, which shows they are comfortable with technology. E.g. Text, call, and email all work.
  11. This is a 1099 contractor role and payment is ok the book. Does that work for you?
    1. Answer we are looking for: Cleaners must be willing to work as a 1099 independent contractor on the books. We do not do cash payments.
  12. The job is conditional on a background check. Is that ok?
    1. If they are not willing to do a background check, we can't move forward with them.
    2. If they ask what we are looking for on a background check, say that you can email them our policy. Do not give them over the phone.
  13. Do you have any questions for me?

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