Calling a guest to authorize a CC for $1 from the ID verification panel

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

We need to call the guests in order for them to authorize a payment of $1 from the credit card.

Step 1: Go to the reservation in Guesty and get the provided phone number.

Step 2: Call the guest on provided phone number.

Call the guest to get the credit card number and cvc.

Step 3: Go to the reservation and click on "Financials" tab.

Step 4: Go to the "Payments" section and click on "Authorization Hold".

Step 5: Enter information in "Authorization Hold" pop-up.

  1. Amount - Should be "$1"
  2. Payment method - Select "Credit card"
  3. First name - Enter first name
  4. Last name - Enter last name
  5. Credit card number - Enter credit card number
  6. Expiration date - Enter expiration date for card number
  7. CVC - Enter CVC for credit card
  8. Store card details for future payment - Should not be be ticked
  9. Hold - Click on Hold

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