243 Montgomery St - PSEG Visit to Read Electric Meters

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PSEG visit

PSEG is our electric, gas and water service provider for 243 Montgomery st.

Their technicians visit once a month to read the meters in the basement.

When they call we should provide them with access to the basement door.

How to access:

Step 1: Find the basement street door

Take the stairs left of the building entrance down to the black metal door.

Step 2: Pull the door flush against its frame

Grip the handle on the door tightly and pull toward yourself hard.

This step is important because the lock will not open if the door isn't properly aligned with the door frame.

Step 3: Enter the code into the Electronic Schlage lock

Enter the street-basement-door code found in keeper.

You will hear the lock open.

If the lock didn't open the door needs to be pulled toward yourself harder and the code needs to be re-entered.

If the lock still doesn't isn't opening double check that the code is correct.

Step 4: Find the meters

Enter the basement and turn left through the doorway, the meters are on the far wall.

Step 5: Exiting and locking the door

When exiting make pull the door toward yourself hard to make sure the lock is flush with the door frame.

Press the schlage symbol above the electronic lock's keypad.

You will hear the electronic lock engage.

If the lock does not engage re-enter the street-basement-door code to lock.

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