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New risk score link:

Automatic messages for risk score answers

Message1: Guests with 1 negative review:

We noticed that you have a bad review on Airbnb.
Could you tell us more about what happened during that reservation?

Message2: Has more than 1 negative review:

We don’t feel the apartment is a good fit for your trip.

Message3: Has one negative review and reservation is already confirmed:

We don’t feel the apartment is a good fit for your trip.
Please cancel it.

Message4: Isn’t staying in the apartment:

We understand that you won’t be staying in the apartment.
Will we be able to communicate with your guests directly?
Please provide us with a phone number or alternate communication method in case we need to reach out to your guests.

Message5: Didn’t explain the purpose of their visit yet:

What brings you to town?
We want to delight you and make sure our apartment is the right fit for your needs.

Message6: Has 0 positive reviews & overall risk score is more than 25:

Please share with us your age and the ages of your guests.

Message7: Guest hasn't submitted ID yet:

Note to VH:

Add this message as an internal comment on guesty:
"Please run the risk score again when we receive the ID.
Repost this message until we have completed the risk score based on the ID."

Message8: Risk score is between 40 and 75

Please confirm you have read the house rules and agree to the building's quiet hours of 8pm to 8am?
We want to make sure the apartment is the right fit for your stay.

Message9: Risk score is over 75 and reservation start date is in Jan 1 to March 30

Message to VH:

The risk score is high but the reservation is in the slow season so we may want to accept it anyway. An admin will have to call the guest and determine if it is safe to accept. Decline the reservation if your admin doesn't respond for 20+ hours

Is the guest over 25?

We can assume the guest is over 25 under the following circumstances

1. The DOB on the ID is more than 25 years ago

2. The guest looks over 25 in the profile photo

3. The guest is traveling with children or mentioned that they have kids.

4. The guest is a doctor or has completed graduate school.

5. The guest is a veteran, is in the military or works with the police.

V2 risk score

the risk score form should factor in whether or not ID has been submitted, length of reservation, start date, and more when available.

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