3.05 Adding notes to successful call in Front

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What is this?

Follow this article to add notes to a successful call. This applies to any successful call, both outbound and inbound.

Why is this?

We need to have annotated records of our phone conversations with guests so that we have context when we speak to them later.

We also need this if we are trying to understand why an issue might have occurred.

If you were not handling the call yourself do not archive it until notes have been added. If you see that a successful inbound/outbound simulring call hasn't been annotated or archived for many hours tag Tom (or Mike if it is Tom's day off) and remind them to annotate. 

Step 1: Open the message in Front and click on the comments section

Step 2: Enter notes on the call in the following format

  • Guesty reservation link- look up the resevation link on Guesty and paste the link to it here
  • Notes on what was discussed on the call- E.g. {guest_name} wanted to let us know that they checked in successfully, but that the toilet was broken
  • Action items- anything that needs to be done that was discussed on this call

Step 3: Take the proper steps

  • Archive the conversation if the issue is solved
  • Snooze the conversation if it's something that needs to be check back on after a certain amoutn of time
  • Add appropriate tags if it needs to be escalated or maintenance is required

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