Check-In Instructions - 1471 Girard #2

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Check-In Instructions for 1471 Girard St NW Unit 2

There will be 2 codes in your check-in instructions email.

The first code is the Building Door Lockbox Code.

The second code is the Apartment Door Code.

Please find these codes in your check-in instructions email before attempting to check-in.

Step 1: Locate Building Front Door on Porch

From the street you will have to ascend 3 steps and then another 7 steps to the porch.


Step 2: Locate Lockbox #2 and Enter 4-Digit Building Door Lockbox Code from E-mail

  1. Directly to the right of the building door is an intercom system with a keypad.
  2. Enter the Building Door Lockbox Code provided in your check-in instructions email.
  3. Take the building-door-key out of the lockbox and open the building door
  4. Immediately put the key back inside the lockbox, this will help to prevent a lockout situation
  5. Please pardon this inconvenience! We are working on making this process simpler.

Step 3: Locate Keypad and enter 4-Digit Apartment Door Code

  1. After entering through the building door you will will see the door to your apartment, labeled with "2."
  2. Enter the 4-Digit Apartment Door Code provided in your check-in instructions email


Step 4: Enjoy your stay!

To lock the door when exiting the apartment, press the "Schlage" symbol above the keypad or re-enter the entry-code.

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