315 2nd St - Common Problems

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Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector going off while cooking:

The smoke detector is sensitive to certain types of heat, given how close it is to the stove in the kitchen.

Some guests are able to cook without issue while others, depending on the level of heat or type of food have it go off every time they cook.

What are you trying to cook?

If you are cooking something with extra virgin olive oil on high-heat the alarm will definitely go off.

To get around this we can do either of the following options:

  1. Use only a little oil in the pan on low-medium heat and use the pan cover.
  2. Open the window in the kitchen AND the living room/bedroom, this will create a draft to pull any heat/smoke outside and away from the detector.
  3. You can remove the detector temporarily while you're cooking.You can do this by...-grip the detector tightly and twist it counter-clockwise-pull it toward yourself in a controlled and slow movement-unplug the wire connected to the back of the detector.

Unit #1 bedroom flooding:

Sometimes a guest will report that the back bedroom of unit #1 (basement level) has flooded.

This occurs because the drain behind the building is clogged after a rain.

In this situation we should send a cleaner and maintenance person to unclog the drain and mop up the water.

Hot water not working:

Sometimes a guest will report that hot water is not working in the units in 315 2nd St. If this happens, please instruct them to do the following.

Step 1: Locate the tankless water heater

  • There is one tankless water heater in each unit. It is located in the bedroom closet or the living room closet.
  • If the closet is locked, please give the guest the code. You can find this code in Keeper named "Closet codes for all apartments- combination locks".

Step 2: Press the reset button on the front of the water heater

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