Add a new city account in Properly

Updated 2 years ago by Michael McKay

Follow this article to add a new city account in Properly. This will give the ground team access to Properly for only the properties in that city.

Step 1: Click the button on the bottom left and then click "Company"

Step 2: Click "Invite Employee"

Step 3: Enter the city email address

Step 4: Click "Give this user access to everything"

Step 5: Click "Allow access to specific properties" and select the properties for that city

You can use the search function to easily find the properties.

Step 6: Click send

Step 7: Find the Properly email in the city email and click "Get Started"

You must log out of your other Properly account, so you can create a new one for the city.

Step 8: Enter the info in the following format

  1. First name- City
  2. Last name- State
  3. Generate password in Keeper

Step 9: Add the login to the city folder in Keeper

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