Backup Check-In Instructions - Hyve (4020, 2015, 2007)

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So you're having trouble opening the electronic lock with your code?

Don't worry!

We're here for you.

This video demonstrates the entire process:


Step 1: Locate the lockbox on Floor 2

If you prefer to take the stairs, turn left immediately after entering the building.

If you prefer to take the elevator follow the map below.

Walk forward to the end of the hall, turn left and you will find the elevator on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Find Apartment #2007

If you took the stairs go down to the end of the hall, your apartment will be in the corner.

If you took the elevator, you'll see the sign below:

Step 3: Locate the lockbox next to apartment door #2007.

Step 4: Open the lockbox using the 4-digit backup code.

We will send you this code via SMS, email or read it to you over the phone.

Enter the code left to right.

Step 5: Take the correctly labeled key for your unit (A, B or C)

Step 6: Close the lockbox and set the code to 0000

This is important!
We don't want other curious guests of the building finding the code to your backup lockbox.

Step 7: Take the key back to your apartment

Step 8: Keep the key safe!

This is important!
These keys are very expensive and difficult to replace.

Step 9: Relax and enjoy your stay!

We're so glad you worked with us through this process.

It's frustrating when our locks malfunction, technology isn't perfect but we're always improving and so excited to host you!

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