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Community Policies & Reminders


v  Your mailbox number is: _______.  Mailboxes are located on the east side of the office/clubhouse.

v  Community common areas has Cox hotspot for all Cox wifi users    

v  Rent is due the 1 through the 3 of each month. Rent is late on the 4 - Late Fees will apply.

v  Your water bill is due on the 1 with your rent. If you do not receive a statement in your email, please contact the leasing office.

v  Your monthly rent amount is __________ + water.  We encourage you to pay rent online through our Active Building Resident Portal.  After moving in you will receive an email from The Hyve to register for your account.

v  Any payment tender that is dishonored by the financial institution upon which it is drawn is subject to a dishonored funds fee.  This fee is in addition to any applicable late fees.

v  A 60 day written notice to vacate is required to vacate premises, unless otherwise stated by Management.


Maintenance and Courtesy Patrol

v  Service requests can be submitted by calling our Leasing Office or on our website.

v  For After Hours Maintenance Emergencies or to reach Courtesy Patrol, call the office at (602) 892-5100 and follow the prompts.


Gates & Parking

v  To open the front gate, Use gate remote provided.

v  Your assigned covered parking spot is: _____________ or garage number is: ___N/A________.

v  All additional vehicles, including guests, park in uncovered parking spaces.  All covered spaces are assigned.

v  DO NOT park in a fire lane at any time. Any illegally parked vehicle is subject to an immediate tow, without warning, at the vehicle owner’s expense.



v  Amenities are for the exclusive use of our residents and their guests.  All guests must be accompanied by a Resident at all times.  Each resident is allowed two (2) guests per apartment in the pool and fitness areas.

v  GLASS CONTAINERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA.  Each glass violation will result in $100 fine/possible loss of all amenity privileges.  

v  Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and are not permitted to use the equipment in the Fitness Center or in any other Common Areas.

v  Residents may not smoke in the common areas of the Apartment Community (Including but not limited to hallways, fitness and business centers, swimming pool area, leasing office)

v  Valet Waste removal is provided 5 nights per week (Sunday – Thursday) and begins promptly at 8:00pm.  Containers/Trash may NOT be left out for any reason during non-designated times (6pm-9am); a $50 per bag fine will apply.  

v  Complimentary Pest Control is conducted every Thursday.  Call the Leasing Office to be placed on the list.



v  All pets must be registered with the Leasing Office.  We accept indoor cats and dogs.  Breed restrictions apply.

v  Pets are not to be outside without a leash.  All pets are to be “indoor pets” and are NOT permitted in any of the amenities.

v  A fine will apply for pet droppings that are not disposed of properly in waste bins ($50 for first violation, $75 for any continuing violations).

v  Resident shall not permit their pet(s) to disturb any neighboring Resident or guests.


Miscellaneous Policies

v  Community quiet times are between the hours at 10:00pm and 10:00am.

v  Balconies, patios, and front doorways must be kept clean and clear of storage items.  They are not to be used for storage under any circumstances.  BBQ’s of any kind are not permitted on your balcony at any time.


Nest Instructions

v  Visit: https://nest.com/support/thermostat/

        Entertainment Package Instructions

v  Step1: Turn on Bluetooth

v  Step2: Select your apartment

v  Step3: The password is your apartment number

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